Sunday, October 21, 2018

Don’t wait to have your voice heard. Make your voice heard NOW.

Attention all residents of the City of Lake Worth.

And everyone else in South Florida concerned about truck and train traffic too.

Tell your elected leaders you support the US 27 Multimodal Corridor.


Are you tired of all that tractor trailer freight traffic on I-95? Huge trucks heading north and south twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, month after month and year after year?

Don’t you wish those trucks had another route?

Don’t you wish there was another way for freight train traffic to haul goods north and south? Empty and full cars of hazardous materials and raw materials and train car after train car of new and used cars for people, many of whom will end up on I-95 creating even more traffic with all those big trucks?

What if I told you there was a solution
on the horizon?

And what can you do to make this
solution a reality?

If you live in the City of Lake Worth next week you can start by contacting your LOCAL elected officials, and for everyone else in Palm Beach County your County elected officials, and then later your elected officials up in Tallahassee and those up in Washington, D.C. too.

The US 27 Multimodal Corridor:

Click on map to enlarge (see legend below).

Moving truck and train traffic west: West of I-95. West of the Florida Turnpike. West of Florida East Coast (FEC) railroad. West of CSX tracks.

To learn more about this project that will improve your life dramatically click on this link. If you see or talk to an elected official today, tomorrow or next week remember to say this: “I support the US 27 Multimodal Corridor!”

Legend. The map above is by Regional
Planning Council (RPC):

  • Furthest south is South Florida RPC.
  • To the north starting with Palm Beach County is Treasure Coast RPC.
  • West of Lake Okeechobee is Southwest Florida RPC.
  • North of Lake Okeechobee is Central Florida RPC.
  • At top of map is East Central Florida RPC.

Question: If there was $1.5B in public funds available for a project here in South Florida. . .

Map of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD):

What do you support in Palm Beach County? Moving freight traffic west from the coast or constructing a new reservoir to the south of Lake Okeechobee? With limited State and Federal funding available this is a very serious public policy debate.