Wednesday, January 17, 2018

About the City Commission meeting
last night in the City of Lake Worth.

Here is a photo taken from PBSO Cpt. Baer’s
update to the City Commission last night.
This was one of the first presentations of the evening. The YouTube video of last night’s meeting is below.

To no one’s surprise, the beat reporter from the Post didn’t show up last night at the first City Commission meeting of 2018. After what was published in the paper yesterday one can understand why.

If this reporter, or any other reporter for that matter, reports any news about this meeting it will have to come from the City’s YouTube video from the Live Streaming feed. You can watch what happened for yourself (see below) and be your own citizen reporter. And by the way, having actual citizen reporters ‘at the scene’ reporting what happened at City Hall is nothing new.

However, in a clear indication how irrelevant The Palm Beach Post has actually become here in this City, the Post’s beat reporter, Kevin Thompson, wasn’t mentioned or even referenced one single time last night until the very end of the meeting when District 3 City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ talked about how Thompson never reported that Amoroso was unopposed this election season and will serve another term beginning next March.

The agenda last night was a long one. The meeting lasted over 4 hours. And from the start our City Commission was clearly focused on getting things done.

They were not going to be distracted by any
silly news from the press.

The meeting last night was at times spirited and there were many topics such as code enforcement, how to use Community Development Block Grant funds, much about the City’s Electric Utility, and what the status of the Neighborhood Road Bond program is. And much more. Zoning was a big issue as well. I’ll have more about that a little later.

However, it’s very important to point out that the mood in the City Hall chambers last night was a very positive one. If you were there last night you would know what I mean. So. As you watch this meeting in the video below you’ll certainly see ‘spirited’ and passionate debate.

There are members of this City Commission that clearly have different opinions about some of the issues but they also clearly have deep respect for each other.

Stay tuned for more information later on about what happened at the City Commission last night. And as always, Thank You for visiting today.

This is called “Democracy In Action”: