Friday, November 4, 2016

To all the loud critics of City's November 8th referendum: Where's your plan? You've had over 2 years to create one.

Critics of the failed "LW2020" bond back in August 2014 had a great opportunity and squandered it. They could have come up with their own plan but they never did. And they've had over 2 years to come up with one. That begs the question: Why not? 

"Maybe we can get Commissioner McVoy to point out what he proposed."

And. . . 

"I want to hear his [McVoy's] plan. I haven't heard his plan."
 Citizen/reporter Peggy Fisher questioned both Mrs. McGiveron and McVoy at a City Workshop about their plan to fix the roads and potholes. See this for yourself in the short video (3rd one) at the end of this blog post.

Also, interrupting meetings because you don't agree with something isn't a proper plan either. If you recall, Mrs. McGiveron, the leader of CAUT PAC, shut down a City Workshop in July with this inappropriate outburst:
Now, to all the vocal critics of the City's November 8th referendum to fix the roads and potholes. . . where's your plan?

One of those critics, McGiveron, instead of a offering a plan or a way forward to fix the streets and all the potholes was fortunate enough to get quoted by Kevin Thompson, the Post's beat reporter:
" 'Where the Tropics Begin' was the old Lake Worth motto," she [McGiveron] said. "Sit down, shut up and open your wallets is our new motto."
Pretty clever, huh? But there's a problem folks: clever motto's, shutting down City meetings, and not offering any realistic solutions won't do a thing to fix the City's streets and infrastructure.

Interestingly, following that outburst out in the hallway, McGiveron accepted a challenge from Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. She agreed to craft her own plan and present it at the July 19th City Commission meeting:
"I [Vice Mayor Maxwell] challenge you. You give me a ballot initiative and I will present it to the commission. That was your offer, Katie. Give it to me. I would love to see it."
Did McGiveron complete the challenge with almost 2 weeks to do so? No. The citizen/reporter at the scene, Peggy Fisher, got it all on video. You can hear Maxwell for yourself at the 6:35 mark in this video:
Here is what we learned at July's Workshop:
  • Since the "LW2020" bond failed in 2014 it will now cost $9 million more to fix the City's roads
  • At a minimum the City will need $40–50 million
  • More delays will drive up future costs
Just being a critic isn't enough. And just saying we need more meetings isn't enough either. If you don't think a bond is the right approach to fix our roads then what is? That's what is lacking in the opposition to the City's referendum: any leadership whatsoever. Another video below from Peggy Fisher at the July Workshop and you can hear her say. . .
"Maybe we can get Commissioner McVoy to point out what he proposed." And "I want to hear his [McVoy's] plan. I haven't heard his plan."
Exactly (proceed to the 1:35 mark to see if McVoy even tries to answer the question).