Thursday, September 22, 2016

Status of 2 PAC's: Will one or both go active to campaign against fixing potholes and repairing our roads?

What is the status of the two PAC's? See images below. The November 8th bond vote to fix our roads is only 47 days away (from today, September 22nd). How long before those $1,000 checks start rolling in from the Great Walled City of Atlantis? A wonderful city with such fine streets and sidewalks?

Mrs. McGiveron and Commissioner Chris McVoy started early working the press to spin the City's bond in a bad way so can win again like they did in 2014, by just 25 votes:Here is the latest:
The September 7th report, like previous campaign finance reports, snow no activity. Yet. Use this link to keep checking what McGiveron's CAUT PAC is up to.
Here is McGiveron's Save Our Neighborhood Inc PAC. The latest report (August 31st) shows no activity like the previous report on August 2nd. 

Or will another PAC form to try and scuttle the City's plan to fix the streets in Lake Worth? Stay tuned as they say.