Friday, September 23, 2016

Reminder—Lake Worth Library celebrates 75th anniversary: Open House tomorrow (9/24) from 3:00–5:00

The entire story detailing the history of Lake Worth's Library is in last week's Lake Worth Herald. If you don't subscribe to the Herald you can pick up the print edition at the City's newsstand at 600 Lake Ave, across the street from the Cultural Council. Here are two excerpts from the article:

     The building was built at 1 North “M” Street. This building was given by the citizens of Lake Worth. The Lake Worth Free Library opened with its Mediterranean style of architecture costing $61,321 [completed in 1942]. It was a gift to the City and its people.

[and. . .]

     Today, under the direction of Vickie Joslin, Head Librarian, the 2016 Library offers programs for children and adults. Members and visitors can explore the world on computers and digitized material of the classics are available.

For more information contact Vickie Joslin at 561-533-7354 or email