Thursday, September 22, 2016

Video and more information: Lake Worth PBSO (District 14) update at City Commission on September 20th

First there's this important item: To help fund anti-gang and the Annual Christmas Gift Giveaway in Lake Worth, the golf tournament is coming up on October 9th. Use this link to learn more and there's a bonus too! You'll also read one of the rare positive articles about PBSO in The Palm Beach Post. Not kidding. It actually happened.
Use this link to learn more about PBSO District 14. The video of Cpt. Baer at the City Commission is below.
Arrests are up 5.5%,
PBSO is working with the NAPC on a new community policing program with the assistance of homeowners. To learn more use this link.
The big news is Lake Worth now has its own Assistant State Attorney.

Here is the video. The video quality is poor since it was recorded off a TV screen but the audio is very good. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors: