Tuesday, January 16, 2018

City Commission meets tonight in
City Hall at 6:00 and the Planning & Zoning Board meets tomorrow.

Both of these meetings are very important.
Why wait for the news from your City Commission? Watch the news happen in real time Live Streaming. How? At 6:00 tonight click on this link and scroll down for the City’s Live Broadcast Channel.

“Hmmm. If I want to look over the agenda prior to the meeting, how do I do that?”

Good question. The City of Lake Worth makes that very easy. It only takes two steps.:
  1. Click on this link for the “Agendas for City Commission and Advisory Boards”.
  2. Scroll down and look for City Commission “January 16 Regular Meeting” and click on “Agenda & Backup” to download (note: after a little while using the menu in the left-hand column becomes very helpful to quickly move forward and back to see various agenda items).
To look over the Planning & Zoning Board agenda? Just scroll down a little further and click on “Agenda Package” to download that agenda.

Hope you found this information helpful and Thank You for visiting today!