Monday, March 20, 2017

Just in case you may have missed this.

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Below is another short update about the Blueway Trail Coalition meeting in West Palm Beach on March 3rd. At the end of this blog post is the link to the original blog post on March 6th and the two updates that followed on more specific items about this exciting project. Heard a rumor about the Blueway Trail and wish to verify what you heard or were told? Use this link.

First want to emphasize again, the historical record is clear, public access to and from the Intracoastal Waterway, once upon a time, did exist prior to the Spillway structure (S-155) being constructed, circa 1960. Since that time access for small boats, kayaks, and other pleasure craft has been severely limited: 

Dixie and Federal highways are clearly visible in this 1958 aerial photo. See what’s in between? Look close. That is a former marina in Lake Worth (south side of C-51 Canal). Read about that using this link.

My theory is when the S-155 was constructed, later followed by I-95, that precipitated an almost 50 year economic decline for this part of Palm Beach County, and cities like Lake Worth are still trying to recover and find new purposes for our once-vibrant Dixie Hwy.

Another photo from the Blueway Trail Coalition meeting.

Click on photo to enlarge:
On the right, facing, is Kim DeLaney, PhD, the Director of Strategic Development and Policy at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC). Recognize anyone else?

Below are more items from my notes taken at the most recent Blueway Trail Coalition (BTC) meeting that I’ve not addressed thus far (in no particular order):
  • Facilities will be ADA-accessible.
  • Water depths in areas of the C-51 Canal/S155 structure can be as deep as 10′.
  • Structures will be designed to last at least 40 years, minimum.
  • Sea level rise is part of the planning process.
  • The design of the facility must account for a certain acceptable minimum water depth. Water too shallow (low tides) would make the bypass more problematic or not workable at all during certain periods.
  • Corporate sponsorship is a possibility. How much so? Unknown thus far.
  • Other boat lifts and boat bypass facilities in Florida are being studied as well. Some of those may be owned and operated privately.
For the original blog post about the BTC meeting on March 5th use this link: a blog post that is quite lengthy but does provide a lot of background and demonstrates how the project has progressed, and changed, over the last year.
And finally, if you happen to be “scratching your head” and wondering why The Palm Beach Post is not covering this news, well, that is anyone’s guess.

Would you like to go and see for yourself where this project will be constructed?

Here are the directions to Spillway Park in the City of Lake Worth: Take Maryland Dr. that parallels the C-51 Canal and go to the dead end. The park entrance will be on your right.