Sunday, March 19, 2017

At ceremony when speeches were over, a soon-to-be former commissioner gadfly pulled mic from City Manager Bornstein’s hand. . .

. . . and what happened next was hilarious for everyone in attendance who saw what happened: people began walking away in droves (video below).

In the video you can’t see the back rows and people standing outside the tent but they all just simply walked away when Chris McVoy began to speak.

At the 35 second mark in the video even a Post reporter had enough. He got up and walked away too. Another soon-to-be ex-commissioner, Ryan Maier with his little dog, they remained seated. Most of the people in the first few rows felt obligated to listen for some reason, but few others did.

Yours Truly remained in place too. To get one of the last pontificating lectures on video from McVoy, PhD, to be filed away in “Riding The Coattails of Other Electeds”. Enjoy!