Saturday, February 18, 2017

Heard a rumor about the “Blueway Trail”? Contact an expert (see below) with your questions and concerns.

Please take note: Many in the public, including some homeowners along the C-51 Canal, believe their property lines is the waterline along the canal. Not true. The South Florida Water Management District (aka, SFWMD) has an easement on both sides of the canal. An easement is, “a right held by one property owner to make use of the land of another for a limited purpose. . .”. If you recall, this was once a major issue in Wellington; read this news from May 2015 by former Post reporter Kristen M. Clark (now covering the Florida Legislature and state government for the Tampa Bay Times [winner of 12 Pulitzer Prizes]/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau).

Ever been to Spillway Park in Lake Worth? Take Maryland Drive off N. Federal Hwy, the park is at the end of the street. Have you ever seen the Spillway (S-155) on the C-51 Canal up close? Have you heard a rumor. . .

Learn myth vs. FACT about the Blueway Trail: To verify whether what you heard was true or not about the Blueway Trail, send your questions to:

Kim DeLaney, PhD, Director of Strategic Development and Policy, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. Use this link and fill out the “Contact form” to have your question answered.

If anyone hands you literature or if someone knocks on your door with literature about the Blueway Trail and you are suspicious, this is what you do:
  • Please write down what you were told (all pertinent details).
  • Make sure to ask what organization or group this person is representing. Just ask outright, “Are you being paid to do this?” or “Can I see your walking list?”.
  • Save any literature that was given to you. Don’t throw it away!
  • Keep all this information handy. It could come in handy later on.
To learn more about the Blueway Trail here is a video which gives a broad overview of the project:

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