Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Two very important questions you have to ask yourself today vis-à-vis Lake Worth’s bond referendum

#1: Vote “Yes” or vote “No”.
#2: The bond vote to fix our roads in August 2014 failed by 25 votes. The critics who won back then had well over two years to come up with their own plan. But instead they did nothing. Ask yourself this, “Why not?”

This blog post and those following will remain as they are until the polls close tonight. If the bond passes we move forward. If not, we don’t.

How long can we continue having the City find ways to fix our roads and the critics just say, “No”? Leadership is not saying, “No”. Leadership is responding with a better idea. And that hasn’t happened.

Have nothing else further to say except I’m voting “Yes” and hope you do too.