Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tammy Pansa got edited out of the Post print edition. Why? Who knows. And the whole story about Mother Earth Sanctuary Café.

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Below is a quote by Tammy Pansa that was cut out of the story about Havana Hideout on Lake Ave. closing its doors (by the way, news that shouldn’t surprise anyone):
[Tammy] Pansa noted, however, that service had slipped a bit. “(There was) slightly less upkeep,” she said. “I always wondered how they paid the bills when you had to work so hard to get someone to take your drink order.”
Well, turns out they weren’t paying the utility bill; a big reason why they’re closing. Also not mentioned in the article by Kevin Thompson* are other, newer venues in the Downtown like C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen that are gaining in popularity because of new ideas and also because of how engaged they are with the surrounding community as well.

Also, the ‘news’ about Mother Earth Sanctuary Café is anything but news. Here is a Facebook post from October 25th, 2 weeks ago:

     I have learned that it is important to let go when it is time to let go. Mother Earth is closing not because we have failed in any way... we are closing as a result of our success. A success that outgrew the licensing and zoning of our space. I am so proud of what we have done in our community, proud of the people who have been touched, inspired, nurtured, fed, encouraged and loved.

[and. . .]

Ill be honest, Im looking forward to having a break from running a cafe. So, no, I am not looking for another place for the cafe. The focus is on the product line now.

The Mother Earth Café “Farewell Celebration Party” is on Sunday, November 20th from 5:00–9:00.

*Received an interesting observation from a blog reader: This is the very first article from Post reporter Kevin Thompson about the restaurant/business community in the Downtown that didn't have any reference to the Taco Lady. But if I hear anything about the Taco Lady will let you know.