Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How is "fix" going to stop water leaking on second floor at the City's Casino?

From what I've learned there should be good news at the October 6th City Commission meeting. That is the deadline set for all the issues to be addressed at the Casino. There's reason to be optimistic but still a lot of work to be done and details to be worked out. There's also more good news about the pool too, so stay tuned.
View of the pool, lanes in the east/west lane configuration.

Above is a flattering view of our municipal pool. The view is looking southwest from the second floor walkway. Many people walking around the 2nd floor watch us swimming and exercising in the pool.
View west of the bridge from 2nd floor of Casino.

Water leakage has prevented this space from being leased to a tenant.
Inside the second floor after a rain storm. NBC5/WPTV sent a news crew to document these leaks.

The next three pictures are of the "pilot" construction area in the northeast part of the building. Use this link for a previous update, "Keep your fingers crossed. We could use some good news."
The remaining pictures are from "Art Al Fresco" that is held on Saturdays through the end of the year. The next one is this Saturday, September 17th.