Sunday, August 14, 2016

Monitoring pilot "fix" for Casino building water leaks: Keep your fingers crossed. We could use some good news.

For those of you who keep track of such things, the architect and contractor for the Casino are working on a way to stop the water intrusion into the Casino building. If this pilot experiment works it will be employed where other water leaks occur on the second floor. At the beginning of June the City Commission gave them both until October to come up with a solution.

Below are two sets of pictures. It's of the northeast area of the second floor terrace. You can see where a temporary plywood wall has been erected to cordon off the area. The first set of pictures was taken July 23rd. The second set was taken on August 13th.

July 23rd:
Plywood partition to protect work area.
Area where the pilot "fix" is being implemented.
There are "porcelain-ized" tiles part of this project. 
August 13th:
A layer of visqueen is held down by the new tiles.
The edge between old stone and new tile.
It appears that the area where the wall meets the floor has some new flashing which might go under the new tile. The level between the new tile and the old appears to be at the same height, which means that the old tile was either removed or lowered somehow to accommodate the new. Further waterproofing probably went under the new tile.

There has also been work on the door's threshold (top photo), which has been a major source of water after rain events. The work area goes approximately ¾ around the north side of the terrace. There will be an evaluation of the method's success and then a decision will be made about doing the rest of the terrace area.

There is some hint this work may come at an additional cost or cause the building to change enough that Commission action will be needed to proceed. Stay tuned.
This water leak, and the resulting news segment on NBC5/WPTV, got the attention of a lot of people.