Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Anarchist month-long ‘Musical’ and what to expect: If you see something, “Make the Call Y’All”.

[Please Note: Below is another stroll down memory lane. Remember the Anarchist ‘musical’ last year? This all happened leading up to the March elections in Lake Worth, almost 1 year ado today. The blog post below is from February 12th, 2016.]

The Anarchists have already sent clues they are planning to cause disruptions in Lake Worth in the lead-up to the elections in March.

“But some had opportunity to squeal.”

Anarchists don’t have the numbers of people to stage a protest of any memorable or newsworthy mention. However, what they are very good at is stealing the message of other groups and/or public gatherings. All it takes is a few people with bad intentions to steal the narrative of community and “neighborhood” to make that message something entirely different—just a few people with an agenda who also have allies and supporters in the local media as well.

Last year [2015] received this interesting information concerning protests in Durham, North Carolina. The interesting thing about the disruptions in Durham is that the authorities are laying the blame squarely on the Anarchists for the violence that occurred. The following excerpts are from the text from a WNCN news report. In the report they reference their city manager:

The report, released by [Durham] City Manager Thomas Bonfield, suggests the demonstrations were escalated due to the interference of anarchist groups known that have been involved in previous protests in the city.
     “Anarchists use and take advantage of local citizens that are upset about a current event,” the report said.
     The report points to an incident earlier this year when protesters marched in response of the death of Jesus Huerta, who died from a gunshot wound to his head while handcuffed in the backseat of a Durham police cruiser.
     “During the Huerta marches, anarchists surrounded themselves with local citizens during marches, then changed into all black clothing to disguise their identity to commit criminal acts in anonymity, finally returning to the crowd to discard the black clothing and masks,” the report said.


     Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said he has “no doubtthat anarchist groups are behind some of the recent protests.
     “Everything that I’ve gotten through intelligence and social media and information from other people points to that,” Lopez said. “I think it’s also reflected in some of the people that we’ve arrested who have been involved in a lot of anarchist-type situations before. And if you look at their social spots, you’ll see that what they’re talking about is anarchist movements.”

Here in Lake Worth, our local Anarchists from Everglades EarthFirst! joined a protest by the Guatemalan Maya Center (GMC). This protest occurred on 10/22/14 and I wrote this account the next day. That protest was peaceful however anyone who witnessed that gathering can see how things can get out of control very quickly with a few well placed troublemakers. 
The message is simply this: Don’t change any plans you have or alter your life in any way except keep an eye out for trouble-makers. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!