Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Tree Board meets TODAY (agenda below). Have you met our City’s horticulturist, Mr. McGrew?

This time of year is exciting for everyone interested in horticulture, trees, bees, plants, and shrubs. And the City’s Tree Festival is coming up on February 18th. Would you like to volunteer at this year’s festival? Get involved with the Tree Board? Information about that is below.

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The staff liaison for the Tree Board is Mr. Dave McGrew from the Parks Department and you can contact him for additional information at 561-586-1677 or email Below is a short video of Mr. McGrew at the City Commission meeting last Tuesday (2/7) receiving the Arbor Day Proclamation from Mayor Pam Triolo:

Have you thought about attending a Lake Worth board meeting? Maybe even becoming a volunteer member? Here’s how:
  • Contact the City’s volunteer coordinator, Silvina Donaldson, at 561-586-1730.
  • Email:
  • Use this link for more details.
A good place to get started is the City of Lake Worth’s Tree Board. This board meets in the City Hall conference room at 5:30 and always on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings are typically short and a way to “test the waters” so to speak. This is what the Tree Board is tasked with doing:

“[E]stablishes policy and provides standards within the City Landscape Ordinance for tree preservation. Policy includes educational materials (proper planting, pruning, and insect and disease control), permit guidelines, and City tree sale program.

Here is the agenda:

City Hall Conference Room* (next to the City Commission chambers)
Call To Order: 5:30
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Agenda: Additions, deletions, reordering
Approval of minutes: January 12, 2017
Public participation of non-agenda items
New Business
Advisors Report
Old Business: 2017 Festival of Trees

If you have concerns about pollution and litter, the red & white SRS signs for example, you can bring that up as well. Besides being illegal these signs have been exposed to the environment so long they’re now leaching dangerous chemicals into our water supply.

*Members of the City Commission or any other City board may attend and speak at the Tree Board.