Thursday, October 23, 2014

Protesters call for racial investigation of PB County...

What follows is an excerpt from the Palm Beach Post on the 'protest' yesterday against PBSO. This supports the fact that this 'protest' was planned under the radar and not made public until several hours before the 'protest' began. Clearly the organizers were "getting their people out" and suppressing any kind of pushback by the lack of openness and transparency. The organizers of this protest are the Anarchists in Lake Worth supported by their affinity group TWAC. Our Guatemalan and Mayan neighbors were clearly used as pawns here since few if any had any idea why they were there. 

Oh, and then there is the "mystery" of the "P.B.S.O. Deputies Are Worthless!" sign. The article describes two men "dressed scruffily" (the perfect disguise for this group). It is suggested in the article that these two were somehow "plants" to have the community turn against the protesters and their message. Question: Is this group so horizontally organized that no one could have told these two scruffy men that their message wasn't welcome there? Surely one of their leaders with the megaphone would have some authority. How long do you think the three people across the street with pro-PBSO signs would have lasted if they had been on the same corner with the rest of the protesters? Sorry, the idea that they were "plants" doesn't wash for me.

As for the Rev. Frank O’Laughlin, director of the Guatemalan Mayan Center, who found that sign "worthless," why take to the streets with this group of rabble rousers when you simply want a higher standard of policing? I suggest that you examine the condition of your flock to see if their situation has improved since PBSO took over in Lake Worth over the time of the Lake Worth PD. And remember that the real aim of the organizers of this protest is to rid the city of PBSO. I suggest a meeting with those that can actually address your issues is better than teaming up with people looking for the next opportunity to jump in front of a parade. Do you really want to return to the days when members of the Guatemalan community were routinely robbed of their hard-earned monies?

Here is the excerpt from the article:
Three people stood across North G street from the other protesters and they were there to support PBSO. They held signs saying: “Keep PBSO Deputies” and “Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, PBSO.”
Pro-PBSO protester Mary Lindsey, 61, said more people would have been with her if they had known the protest was happening. She said in Lake Worth PBSO had delivered the “gold standard” as far as community policing was concerned and applauded programs for Hispanics run by PBSO.