Thursday, December 31, 2015

Developer with big plans to make 1920s-era structure into apartments

Here's more news about another historic structure saved from the wrecking ball. From The Daytona Beach News-Journal is this article and an excerpt from the article:
     Greene [Solomon Greene, the owner of Greene Realty & Property Management] knows there is work to be done, saying he anticipates spending “a couple million dollars” on renovations. One of those improvements will be a new roof.
     Still, he understands the property’s value.
     “If you look in downtown DeLand, there probably is no other four-acre property that is developable,” he said.
     Major renovations could be underway this summer, Greene said, with the property possibly being ready for tenants in early 2017.
     He plans to leave the vacant part of the property as green space for tenants. Depending on their condition, existing portables on the property could be transformed into cottages, he said, or removed if they are in poor shape.
In Lake Worth at next Tuesday's (1/5) City Commission meeting will be a very big day in efforts to save our historic Gulf Stream hotel. On a hopeful and surprising note I hear a past 'No' vote just might become a 'Yes' at second reading. A 4-1 vote would send a message of unity and reconciliation to the community.

Make plans to attend this meeting and have your voice heard—don't let a few malcontents claim to be the "voice of the people". You are the people who know how much this historic renovation will do to improve the City of Lake Worth. Show up!