Thursday, December 31, 2015

A moving Letter to the Editor in the Post today (along with a glaring editing error by our paper of record)

This Letter to the Editor appears in the Post's print edition today (12/31):
Will provide a link to this poignant letter later when it is available.
Unfortunately, one of the editors at The Palm Beach Post missed the error in the caption. The Post never corrects these types of errors so it's up to their readership to set the record straight. The South Florida National Cemetery IS NOT in Lake Worth. When the editor fact-checked this he/she relied on Zip Codes. The City of Lake Worth has two Zip Codes: 33460 and a part of 33461. The Zip Code for this cemetery is 33449. The South Florida National Cemetery is located almost on the edge of the Everglades well west of the Florida Turnpike and south of Wellington.

And Thank You to the writer of the letter, your thoughts are very poignant and well made. If any of my readers have never visited the South Florida National Cemetery you should go visit this impressive site and pay your respects to all our veterans who've sacrificed so much.