Sunday, October 4, 2015

The City of Lake Worth and the Urban Chicken: A bad idea that just won't go away

With all the issues that need addressing in our City of Lake Worth, Commissioner Ryan Maier needs to state definitively that the urban chicken will not be added to any City agenda going forward. Maier is the founder of the Lake Worth Chickens Facebook page, by the way. And the additional city employees needed to monitor those "Urban Chickens"! Do you remember a previous city commissioner (Cara Jennings) and her big issue of the day?

"Chicken Tacos or Omelets will be served depending on the outcome of the match" --Tom McGow
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell fought valiantly against the Urban Chicken and won.
The image above is from the talented and gifted Tom McGow. Mr. McGow published this on his blog in July, 2011. You would think Lake Worth has gotten past this silliness—but have we? 
Maier (pictured above) founded the Lake Worth Chickens Facebook page.
Maier should state once and for all for the record: Backyard chickens will not be on the agenda, EVER, in Lake Worth. With infrastructure and roads such an important topic for our City do we want to spend one second debating whether to allow chicken coops in the City? Of course not. We don't need the distractions, or the health hazards, in our City.
Coming to a house on your block?