Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mayor Muoio and Raphael Clemente come back from Copenhagen with some fresh ideas

West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio and the DDA's Raphael Clemente recently got back from their trip (paid for with a grant) to Copenhagen to learn ways to make cities more walkable and bikeable. Here's an excerpt from the Post's Tony Doris:
     Mayor Jeri Muoio says her trip to Copenhagen, on a grant to study innovative ideas to make cities livable, will yield results for West Palm Beach, she said.
     She has three big ideas but will keep most of them under her hat for now, she said, until she has a chance to vet them with staff. But in a chat Wednesday, she did disclose one of three: creating a bike greenway that loops the city. [emphasis added]
     It would run from the city golf course in the South End, up through Dreher Park, Howard Park and Gaines Park, then have a spur coming south toward the downtown library.
     The mayor, with Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Raphael Clemente, this past month spent a week in the Danish capital on a Knight Grant program focused on making cities more walkable, bike-able and livable.