Sunday, October 4, 2015

Owner of Benny's on the Beach: Why no one wants to rent 2nd floor of our lovely, charming Lake Worth Casino

It was good to hear Mr. Lipton at his first City Commission meeting in June. This gentleman has owned Benny's for the last two years and increased its employment from 21 to 76 employees. He's made many changes and has been hugely successful doing so at the BEACH!. He has high standards. Read about my recent dinner at Benny's here.

He looked at the restaurant space (second floor) above Mulligan's. His question: if it's such a beautiful place for a restaurant, why aren't they lined up around the block waiting to sign a lease? He speaks of missed opportunities and how the city should realize that there are people willing to invest around $100 million in the City. He thinks this could create up to 200 jobs ultimately. And he thinks the pool is an embarrassmentnot because of what it is, but because of what it could be.

That concept of "potential" strikes again. Tough to argue with what he says. Most definitely worth a listen. As the video below demonstrates the Lake Worth Municipal Pool is far too large for the number of people who use it on a regular basis and an old, dilapidated building blocks the view of the ocean. Go figure.