Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More on Lake Worth's Downtown Renaissance: A platform for new ideas in Palm Beach County. . .Suri Tapas

The revival of Lake Worth's downtown is a spectacular thing to behold. The vibrant, expanding, and trend-setting artist community here is attracting others in the creative arena, including restaurateurs. Lake Worth for some time has been home to restaurants that get press and attention throughout south Florida: Benny's on the Beach, Blue Front BBQ, and Brougues Downunder to name a few. Now the iconic music venue in the City has re-opened, the Bamboo Room.

Now comes this news about another restaurant in Lake Worth with a new idea that became a big hit with foodies throughout the county: Suri Tapas. Here is an excerpt from the article by Maddy Mesa:
     Since its opening in June of 2014, [owner Matthew] Barger and senior partner John Pata have seen their restaurant take off, feeding hungry customers not only in the Lake Worth area but also from Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Wellington. [emphasis added]
     "It was kind of a hit right away," Barger said. "We really created a destination. In season, we feed about 40 percent from Boca, and we get some from Wellington and West Palm Beach, too."
     With their success, and an appearance on truTV's "Barmageddon" last January, the owners said it was time to expand.
     "It's funny, we're coming back to Wellington and taking over the place [Barger] managed for years," Pata said. "Just proves they couldn't do it without him."
     Barger and Pata, who have known each other for about seven years, met while working at The Player's Club, now known as the Coach House Restaurant & Bar, 13410 Southshore Blvd., in Wellington.
Read why the little City of Lake Worth is "quite the buzz" and is being called south Florida's next "landmark downtown". Hope to see you around and don't forget the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival will be in February!