Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lake Worth has a problem and why that's very good news: Valet parking in the downtown (City Commission meeting on 10/20)

There's no need to watch the entire 10-minute video from the City Commission, second reading, about valet parking on Lake Ave. in the downtown. I'll point out some important segments to watch. This would be concerning mostly the area near the Lake Worth Playhouse and some other parking spots along the avenue during peak parking times.

This 'problem', if you will, demonstrates how popular downtown Lake Worth has become and it's a problem our City would have prayed for just a few years go.

At the 4:405:20 mark City Manager Bornstein explains why valet parking is so popular with customers and it's turned into a "free for all" with establishments wanting to offer the service. The problem is this: the FDOT has control with what happens on Lake Ave. and to put it simply, they want their lease money for the use of those spots.

At the 7:158:50 mark the City Manager explains to Commissioner McVoy why valet parking is important; apparently, the commissioner is having trouble grasping the concept of valet and how effective it is getting customers into town and their cars moved to another location. McVoy grasps for potential problems that may occur and Bornstein sums it up by saying, "can't cover every scenario". 

At the 10:00 mark Commissioner Amoroso sums up the valet parking issue quite succinctly and accurately. The vote was 4 to 1; is it necessary to tell you who the lone dissenting vote was?