Friday, August 7, 2015

[RE-POST] Create a problem to split the community: anonymous emails targeting Bamboo Room in Lake Worth

[This post has generated a tremendous amount of interest. Read on how an anonymous group has targeted a downtown business owner:]

Anonymous emails are being sent to Lake Worth elected officials and city staff. Here is an excerpt from one:
     We [unidentified] all worked VERY HARD and spent a lot of time and money to meet all of the requirements required by zoning and code to open our establishments. I can only say that it is this level of apathy by our government officials that has caused businesses. . .to go out of business while the total kissing butt to Hudson Holdings and bullying of owners of empty buildings on Lake and Lucerne to reduce the value of their rents just to get any tenants in them has made us think long and hard to come to the conclusion that the only cure for this apathetic approach to government is to give a new group a chance in this upcoming election. We also feel the need to get the Lake Worth Tribune and Margaret Menge back to push for accountability. and fairness.
     I don't think you can imagine the level of frustration that we have.... and letting this new group operate at The Bamboo Room without boundaries or following the rules is inexcusable and a huge sign of disrespect to us.
The number of lies, half-truths, and distortions is something to behold. This is demonstrated no better when the writer mentions Margaret Menge, "accountability", and "fairness" in the same sentence. Menge's history in Lake Worth is anything but fair and accountable.

This email is evidence of the continued attempts to demonize Hudson Holdings, trying to damage new businesses such as the Bamboo Room, and thwart the renaissance Lake Worth is experiencing.

Take the Bamboo Room for example. They re-opened the venue to great fanfare and are experimenting to design a successful business model. They've thought of new music options, becoming a restaurant, doing catering, and are considering other ideas as well. However, until they go through the City and get permission they can't, as of now, do any of those things.

But that doesn't stop the 'hysteria machine' from ramping up. This group even has their own icon that explains exactly who they are and what they wish to achieve:
"Keep Out" of Lake Worth. Very charming, isn't it?
Here is the official City of Lake Worth icon.