Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Governing Institute: "The Transportation Choices That Millennials Want"

This is the subtitle to Bob Graves' article: "To attract young professionals, cities increasingly are going to have to think multi-modal." Here is an excerpt:     
     The APTA [American Public Transportation Association] study also looked at "hot spot" neighborhoods in an effort to understand what motivates the millennials flocking to them. Residents of these neighborhoods, the study found, are less likely to personally own a car, drive one regularly or frequently use car-sharing services. [emphasis added] They are more likely to use a bus or subway a few times a week. And they are more likely to cite the need to save money and avoid traffic, as well as environmental considerations, as motivations for their transportation choices and routines.
     Clearly, communities that attract millennials are increasingly going to be those that provide a multitude of transportation choices to support multi-modal lifestyles. Some, like Portland, Maine, are even starting to promote themselves as cities where young professionals can live without a car; it may be no accident that Portland also happens to lead the nation in declining vehicle ownership.