Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From the SFWMD: Everglades restoration work (interactive map)

Screen grab of Interactive Map showing Everglades restoration projects.
You would think that the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) destroyed the Everglades last week and you would be very mistaken. Full page ads by the Everglades Foundation, a "death mermaid", and eco-theater like dropping quarters in a bucket (trivializing $700 million in taxpayer dollars) can do that to people. The truth is that much work has been done, is being done and more work is planned in the future for the Everglades. 

SFWMD just released an interactive map showing what's being done for the Everglades, you can see that map here and scroll over the projects for additional information. Here is a short statement from SFWMD:
     America's Everglades was once a vibrant, free-flowing River of Grass, extending from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes near Orlando to the southern tip of the peninsula at Florida Bay. Over time, significant development allowed for population and economic growth. The construction of canals and water control structures, along with increased water needs due to urban and agricultural expansion, also contributed to unintended environmental consequences.
     Recognizing that a healthy ecosystem is vital to a healthy economy, a number of initiatives are underway to improve water quality, increase water storage and re-establish more historic flows.
Remember, in addition to the current work being done for Everglades restoration, the supporters of the "land buy" wanted to spend an additional $700 million to start and then another $2 billion+ to build a reservoir.