Saturday, May 23, 2015

And more good news about the little City of Lake Worth!

The good news train just keeps on running for Lake Worth.

Wayne Washington at The Palm Beach Post with our local beat reporter Kevin Thompson and others contributing have this story about the rise in property values in the county (here is the story in the Sun Sentinel ). Property values are way up in the City. Out of all the municipalities Lake Worth had one of the highest raise in percentage. Consider this about Lake Worth's rise in property values (percentage):
  • Higher than in unincorporated Palm Beach County
  • Higher than all of Palm Beach County in total (cities and unincorporated combined)
  • Higher than 26 other cities in the county (out of 38)
  • Higher than the average of all cities combined
  • Higher than Greenacres, Atlantis, and Palm Beach (33480)
Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein gets quoted:
     Other city officials saw the increased property values as validation of their growth and development strategies.
     “Lake Worth’s growth is more about people rediscovering and investing in our cottages, walkable neighborhoods and cool, funky downtown,” said Michael Bornstein, city manager of Lake Worth, which showed a 9.5 percent increase. “Unlike some of our sister cities that are adding new, large urban development communities, we are re-filling with residents who appreciate our lifestyle and assets such as the beach, golf course and arts scene.”
Congratulations Mayor Pam Triolo, Mr. Bornstein, to the rest of the City Commission, City staff, employees and volunteers that have worked so hard to make this happen. Viva Lake Worth!