Sunday, May 17, 2015

Commissioner Ryan Maier: On the Job Training (OJT) or Grandstanding on the Dais?

Maier begins by asking the City Manager Michael Bornstein a very complicated question about city staffing and why is the City's utility not capable of producing a highly technical audit. This is from the City's workshop vis-à-vis the Siemens performance contract being considered.
The city manager explains it all very well and makes mention of the staff/time needed to produce an audit; there isn't the City staff available for that (That's why City's hire consultants). At the 1:00 mark Bornstein explains why outside experts are needed for the technical issues related to solar energy generation and things like LED lights (an evolving technology), and the expertise needed to understand these complex issues.

At the 2:30 mark it's as if Maier didn't hear a word the city manager said. Bornstein says at one point, "Does that make sense?" And Maier responds, "It does make sense what you're saying, but. . ." After Maier finishes his question there's a 10-second pause. I wasn't at that meeting but was told most in the city chambers, including some on the dais, were incredulous. Maier asked a question that really had no answer and maybe that was the point. However, the city manager went on to explain the "end product is something we can rely on."

Starting at the 4:30 mark to the end of this video Bornstein tries again to answer Maier's question. He sounds like a grade school teacher explaining civics to a young child. Now you can see why Bornstein is such a great city manager; he doesn't lose control or get angry in any way. He's got a job to do and he does it well.

Tomorrow or Tuesday will have a segment from Commissioner McVoy. This will explain Maier's reference to a "prius". McVoy struggles with his "save the environment" side and his scientific "pragmatic" side; oddly enough, it actually makes sense. So stay tuned for the "old Hummer" versus the "new Prius".

And guess what else was discussed at that City meeting? Yet another problem left over from a previous city commission: