Sunday, February 10, 2019

Remember the 90s original Christian Rock Band called the “Newsboys”?

Here is their most famous song from 1996, titled,
“Take Me to Your Leader”:

Interesting facts about what happened to the original Newsboys:

  • Lead singer John James (singer in video above) left the band in 1997 to “start a ministry”. The real reason was due to drug and alcohol addiction as he admitted later
  • Newsboys co-founder George Perdikis has denounced Christianity and is now a committed Atheist
  • The Newsboys are still around today but not the original band; their current lead singer is Michael Tait.
  • The Newsboys band today is much different than the original band in the 1990s. 

You can find out more about the current Newsboys band at their Facebook page.

Several years ago it was rumored the Newsboys were coming to play at the Bamboo Room in Downtown Lake Worth. But soon afterward the Bamboo Room shut down. Again.

But hope springs eternal. Maybe some day in the future the Newsboys will come to play at the Bamboo Room when it becomes a popular destination once again like it was back in the day.

And maybe a whole lot of other bands will come and play too drawing attention to another shuttered venue in the Downtown in our City: the historic Gulfstream Hotel.

Wolves in the darkness, howling at the moon

Oh how they gather, outside the palisade. . .

There is just not enough activity to draw people off Lake Ave. like there used to be when the Bamboo Room was open on South J St. It is most certainly getting better over time but nowhere near its popularity when the Bamboo Room was open in its heyday.

And as J Street becomes more popular so will our City of Lake Worth. And we’ll need a parking garage. And at least one hotel in the Downtown to start. And another one later on too.