Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Gatehouse Media podcast “Inside Florida Politics” with George Bennett, John Kennedy, Zac Anderson.

This podcast is a very interesting one. This latest episode is just over thirty-one minutes. See the link below to begin listening today. These podcasts from Gatehouse Media are posted every Thursday around noon. So stay tuned for another episode in a few days.

A question:

For long-time readers of The Palm Beach Post does the name John Kennedy sound familiar?

Briefly, how we got here. Gatehouse Media took over at The Palm Beach Post in May 2018. The Post had been on the market since November 2017 after a series of just terrible decisions by the owner and the editorial board. For example, there was the dragging-of-feet coming to realize the full extent of the sober home crisis, then no endorsement for President of the United States in Nov. 2016 and then in Dec. 2016 the editor at the Post unceremoniously shut down the Post’s Tallahassee News Bureau which was manned by long-time political correspondent John Kennedy.

Now John Kennedy is the State Capital Bureau Chief for Gatehouse Media which owns The Palm Beach Post. On Kennedy’s Twitter feed it says he, “Enjoys fine irony.” Very apropos one could say.

So when word got out in late 2016 the Post was going to be put up For-Sale it surprised no one.

Welcome back, Mr. Kennedy!

And of note the Post reported recently that President Trump will be at the Winter White House in the Town of Palm Beach on Monday, Feb. 18th in honor of President George Washington’s birthday, held annually the third Monday in February, a day also called Presidents Day. Or is it President’s Day? Or is it Presidents’ Day?

Possibly political journalist George Bennett can solve this question once and for all. For all things presidential and about the first lady too Bennett is the expert in Palm Beach County.

To the podcast this week.

With host political journalist George Bennett of The Palm Beach Post, Sarasota Herald-Tribune politics editor Zac Anderson and Gatehouse State Capital Bureau Chief John Kennedy these political journalists talk about,

Parkland’s political impact a year later, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ surprising budget, James Comey visits Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s Inside Florida Politics.