Tuesday, April 9, 2019

News in The Palm Beach Post: “Join the historic Gulfstream Hotel for thrilling and spooky hunts.”

Later in this blog post see that absurdly ridiculous promotion published in the Post two years ago: “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”. Why did it fail so badly? Here is why:

Another myth debunked:

It’s not true. There are no ghosts
in the Gulfstream Hotel.

That ghost hunt promoted by the Post at the Gulfstream Hotel in September 2017 fizzled out to no ones surprise. Ghost hunters all over the world don’t even bother with the Gulfstream any more. Read more about this topic below.

But ghosts and apparitions, even fake ones,
are still very popular!

Organize a ghost hunt for old tabloids (see below for example) that have dried up and blown away? Or looking further out, start planning now for celebrations at this year’s July 4th Raft Race? A ghost hunt obstacle race, gather abandoned shopping carts from all over the City and players have to try and get through to the next challenge.

Last year one idea on America’s Independence Day, in addition to the prepared music and band lineup, was to honor the American patriot Paul Revere but the very popular band Ghost of Paul Revere was fully booked and not available. Maybe this year?

The ideas and possibilities are limitless.

Now back to the ‘Ghost Hunt’ promoted
in the Post last year.

It was Post staff writer in an article titled, “Lake Worth has plenty of events to celebrate” over the 2017 Labor Day weekend had this absurd headline:

World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

In an attempt to bring about more vibrancy the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”, according to the Post reporter, was set to begin at 6:30 and go on til midnight.

It ended up no one showed at the Gulfstream for this ghost hunt anyway and around 7:30 or so learned the hotel had some new locks on the doors and there were no “ghost hunters” inside either. The myth about ghosts in the hotel has finally been debunked, once and for all.

The Post’s “ThingsToDo” crew last year
promoting the ‘ghost hunt’:

Not much vibrancy for ghosts going on here. But whilst on the topic of ghosts. . .

Do you remember that newspaper tabloid from 3½ years ago — the one that failed and was shuttered after a short period of time — that tried to bring back some vibrancy at the Gulfstream Hotel, promoted giving away the Lake Worth Beach and commercializing Bryant Park? What’s happened since? Very, very little. Which is very good news for our Beach and public parks.

From a March 2015 letter, “We would like to immediately get to an agreement. . .”.

Click on image to enlarge: 

This former tabloid that once littered the streets in this City is a ghost as well. But please take note: this ‘newspaper’ is not to be confused with The Lake Worth Herald, “Lake Worth’s Oldest Established Business – Established in 1912”.