Monday, April 8, 2019

Hannah Morse multitasking: Beat reporter, sports, food writer bringing Guatemalan community together.

What follows is just wonderful food news from Palm Beach Post reporter Hannah Morse which hopefully will provide some inspiration, a second location for La Esquina Guatemalteca which translated means “The Guatemalan Corner”. More about that restaurant a little later whilst we digress for a bit.

You may recall it was Morse who made a big splash in Lake Worth Beach with her news about an annual soccer tournament in Jupiter where the Guatemalan team is major force to be reckoned with. The hope is this concept will make its way to Lake Worth Beach some day and maybe the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC) will pick up this ball and run with it.

Remember in play only the goalie and refs can hold, catch, and throw a soccer ball! Players cannot move the ball by hand unless for penalty kicks, throw ins or off the field of play or red and yellow cards will appear. So teamwork in the NAPC is crucial and move the ball forward the best way you can.

Maybe PBSO in LWB will form a team. They’ll never come close to ever winning or even scoring unless the Guatemalan team let’s them but it would be fun to watch.

Do you remember Palm Beach Post reporter Bill DiPaolo? And what’s all this have to do with the Guatemalan community?

Well, let’s delve into that briefly.

DiPaolo retired a while back and it was Morse who took over the Jupiter beat. Everything was going swimmingly well for Morse until an elderly man decided to walk into a spa one day and ever since almost everything in Jupiter has fallen off the radar. And that’s too bad for Morse and the news-seeking public. But that is an editorial decision, nothing to do with Morse. If you want to find out what DiPaolo is up to now reach out to him on Twitter.

It was DiPaolo who penned a news report several years ago about the El Sol resource center in Jupiter, it was an event at the PBC Cultural Council held in what is now Lake Worth Beach. The event was tremendously successful and certainly may have provided the inspiration for Día de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead is now a regional festival but is growing each and every year. On Saturday, Nov. 2nd will be the next festival and if you are a vendor or artist and want to get an early start, start by contacting the LWB Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

To learn more about this year’s upcoming festival, last year’s Day of the Dead and to contact the CRA use this link for a blog post in October 2018.

And here in Lake Worth Beach we’re hoping for change too. The last female reporter on the ‘Lake Worth’ beat was Lona O’Connor who retired ten years ago.

Now back to the food news by Morse. 

The restaurant in Jupiter called La Esquina Guatemalteca would fit in nicely here in Lake Worth Beach if they ever decide to open a second location. Guatemalan heritage and traditional Central American food is becoming more and more popular all the time; two excerpts:

Tables are topped with woven textiles, and warm drinks like arroz con leche, a slightly sweet drink with a hint of cinnamon, and atole, a filling traditional drink made with lima beans, are served in tazas de barro, or clay mugs.

On a recent morning, the rhythm of the kitchen was driven by a reggaeton beat. A cook prepared a churrasco dish, fried steak served with rice and beans, then drizzled the finishing touches on colorful, light and crunchy enchiladas.

and. . .

La Esquina Guatemalteca offers breakfast, like a savory huevos rancheros; fresh hibiscus and pineapple waters; soups; and desserts like sweet rellenitos, or stuffed plantains.

William and Santos [sons of restaurateur Silvia Cano] don’t remember much of Guatemala, having moved to Jupiter when they were kids. But Silvia’s cooking always gave them that sense of culture.

To read the entire story by Morse headlined, “La Esquina Guatemalteca brings taste of Central America to Jupiter” click on this link.


La Esquina Guatemalteca is located at 208 Hibiscus St. in Jupiter. If you head on out today to gather more information call 561-768-9137 or check out their Facebook page.