Sunday, April 19, 2015

PBSO in City of Lake Worth: it's time to re-evaluate

My faith in PBSO and Captain Silva has taken a huge hit this week. Each week's Crime Blotter by Margaret Menge has taken its toll on me and I don't know how much more I can take.
Crime is a huge issue in Palm Beach County and as we all know most of the crime takes place in Lake Worth. 

Along with reports of "Stolen Tag", "Neighbor Trouble", and "Drug arrest" there were two crimes reported by Margaret Menge that have me especially frightened:
Stolen Vehicle: A man told police that he had a party on April 7 and became "extremely intoxicated." When he woke up, his 2001blue [sic] Ford Mustang was missing, along with the keys. He was told that he had loaned the car to a black man named "Zoe Blood." He had no memory of loaning out his car, he said, and had left many messages for Blood, asking for his car back.
And this one:
Internet Scam: A woman reported to police that she believed she was being targeted by a scammer, who was e-mailing, she said, from Turkey, where he said he was just approved to construct a shopping mall and needed money to "tip" a local elected official before the contract could be signed. The man identified himself as Gooz Adalwin Kenneth.
Seriously now, Margaret. Have you lost your mind? You mention some fella named "Gooz Adalwin Kenneth" from Turkey in your crime blotter? Would you like to inspect my spam folder for similar messages? I am sure there are about a dozen there, probably more than a few from "Gooz." An intoxicated man thinks he may have loaned his car to "Zoe Blood" and you call it a "Stolen Vehicle"? Some might think this is a stab at comedy, but it's not. These are "crimes" in Margaret Menge's Lake Worth Crime Blotter.

Pretty soon we will have to revisit why PBSO is policing the City of Lake Worth. There are many people who live in our City who don't remember those very dark days when there was the Lake Worth Police Department and how the gangs had taken over many parts of the City.