Sunday, April 19, 2015

Are you an artist in Delray Beach and considering other options?

The Artists Alley in Delray Beach is back in the news. I've written about this situation and posted a YouTube video of a Delray Beach city commission meeting on this very subject. We all wish the artists, the city, and their CRA the best as they try to come up with a solution to this problem.

However, if the result isn't a positive one for the Artists Alley, or if you're planning ahead just in case, come and visit the little City of Lake Worth. We're not that far away; only a few miles north. Drive here or take the bus. We have a Tri-Rail stop here too: hop on a bike or grab the shuttle to the Tri-Rail station; when you arrive in Lake Worth go east. It won't be long before you see interesting things and possibly get inspired with all the little City of Lake Worth has to offer.

Out of all 38 municipalities in Palm Beach County, the City of Lake Worth was one of the worst hit by the Great Recession and you'll see evidence of that still. You'll also see that things are improving here and fast thanks in large part to the CRA and leaders such as Joan Oliva, our Mayor Pam Triolo, City Manager Michael Bornstein, PBSO, and many others. When Lake Worth hit bottom, and then hit bottom again and again and again the CRA was able to do things such as acquire millions in NSP2 money to save the day and help stabilize neighborhoods. The city commission at that time was a hot bed of inaction and filled with cheerleaders who made much noise but didn't get much done. You'll see evidence of their inaction in many neighborhoods west of Dixie Highway.

Who can forget this "regrettable" comment from the dais back then:
Image from the Tom McGow Archives.
JoAnn Golden, a sitting city commissioner back then during the Great Recession told a constituent he had to "get used to living in a ghetto". As you can tell, we've been through a lot but we're coming back.

As you make your way downtown you'll see the great strides Lake Worth has made over the past few years. There's a sense of pride many of us have and hopefully you'll pick up on that when you get here.

So see you soon and tell your friends and neighbors about our City!