Monday, April 13, 2015

Budsies was a buzz-kill: ABC's Shark Tank last Friday

Wow, was this a let-down. A "Lake Worth" business was going to be featured on the Shark Tank! The business is actually located immediately northwest of our Lake Worth Park of Commerce, just outside the City limits. But "it's close enough" as a unhinged woman on Lake Osborne Drive likes to say when she lists crime that actually occurred outside the City to inflate her crime stats.

So it's close enough for me!

And then we learned in The Palm Beach Post that Alex Furmansky, the owner of Budsies, lives in Boynton Beach. That has nothing to do with where the business is located. The business is located in Lake Worth, right?

Now for the buzz-kill: Where do you think Mr. Furmansky said his business is located on the show? A show being watched by millions of people. . .
"Palm Beach, Florida"! Here is the YouTube video of the episode.

It's a bit disappointing. Having the little City of Lake Worth mentioned on national TV would have been a cool thing. And it's certainly nothing to seek counseling over; it's over and done.

Of course, we all wish the best for Mr. Furmansky and his Budsies in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida, 33480.