Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Florida – ASBPA releases its Best Restored Beaches for 2014 | Coastal Engineering News & Subscription List

Apparently, some beach restorations do work for a longer term than just a few years. Here are some examples. Click title for link. This one is the only one named in Florida.
 "Cocoa Beach, Brevard County, FL

Overcoming decades of frustration, a diverse group of stakeholders combined innovation with determination to restore this highly eroded 9.4 miles of shoreline far ahead of schedule during the first restoration in 2000. Since then, the beach has exceeded expectations in the face of extraordinary storm events in 2004 and 2012, turning a shoreline lined with seawalls and rock revetments into one of wide beaches and flourishing dunes, drawing tourists and turtles alike to its inviting sandy shores.

Said Weishar: “Cocoa Beach caught our eye because it established wide dunes and beaches where in previous years erosion had completely eliminated the beaches and dunes. The new beach is absolutely fabulous. Additionally, many thousands of people using these beaches most likely have no clue that this is a restored beach. This will provide Brevard County a chance to educate the many lucky folks that get to use the beaches.”