Sunday, May 18, 2014

Building’s sale raises questions about Lake Worth music club’s... |

I had been hearing whispers of this possibility. The building is going on the market and the new buyer would not necessarily need to continue the tradition of being a quality music venue. But, according to the article, that may also be possible as some regulars seem interested. I just know that downtowns need quality destinations - reasons for people to go there that are distinct from other, newer developments. Destination uses like this draw people from all over the region, and in some respect from around the world, and help buoy nearby places of business. J Street is one of the "hopping" streets of downtown, largely due to the stability and draw of what has gone on in this building. Perhaps the notoriety of the Gulfstream sale will help draw the spotlight to the potential of this property.

Let's hope for the best and offer Russ and Karen all the best. Click title for link.

 "On Saturday, the Bamboo Room hosted Big Bill Morganfield, the son of blues legend Muddy Waters.

Hibbard said it’s premature for Bamboo Room-lovers to panic. He said it would make sense for the new owner to continue the club’s winning formula.

“If you give the musicians something special to play in, they will deliver and audiences will appreciate it,’’ he said. “You can’t build goodwill. Places like this develop. It takes time.’’

Hibbard, 58, said he and his wife, who is 55, would like to spend more time working on other projects and traveling around the world.

“We haven’t been able to do that in recent years,’’ he said. “That’s one thing about having a place like the Bamboo Room. It’s like a pet, in a way. You can’t just pack up and leave."