Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recent Palm Beach Post Items

Lake Worth cost-cutting could mean heave-ho for day labor center, other groups occupying city space

Endorsement: No on Amendment 4: Reject Hometown Democracy

We knew that the labor center (aka Mentoring Center) and the other groups mentioned were getting the boot from city space.  I remember when the city bent over backwards to get the Mentoring Center in the building and paid for improvements private businesses would have to make prior to opening.  They also let them move in prior to the work being done - something unheard of in Lake Worth.  Then there were the zoning issues that didn't allow a labor center - it happened to have the same land use and zoning designation that the beach used to have PROS - Parks, Recreation and Open Space.  Nothing was done to address this issue, even though this city has a charter amendment limiting the private use of public land.  And people against anything different at the beach didn't care, even though the situation had many similarities.  The Center also didn't have to pay for any utilities.  And, if you pointed any of this out, you were labelled as a "racist" and against illegal immigration.  It was a poor location for a host of reasons that apparently came home to roost, resulting in the current action.  The whole episode is an example of what is wrong with the lack of public involvement in city decisions in Lake Worth - and of the divisive, malicious labeling of anyone who opposes your position on an issue.

And no one has mentioned the Lake Worth CDC and its use of a city building or the status of its lease.  Is it now officially an arm of the city?

The PB Post gets in right on rejecting Amendment 4.  What I am hopeful for is that the amendment will not get the 2/3 vote that they need and then we will actively engage in a re-making of our growth management statutes in the state of Florida.