Friday, May 8, 2009

E-MAIL: This just in re Trash and City Surliness

Hey Wes;
I think I'm about to have another stroke, thanks to this so-called city we inhabit.
Once again, I've run afoul of the trash schedule, today, by putting-out our bulk trash, after having a CITY EMPLOYEE come to our door 2 weeks ago and have us revise our calender FOR THE FIFTH TIME !!!
Apparently, this guy was wrong, as another city worker just orange-flagged my well kept trash pile [star's for compact, neat, AND covered with a tarp], and give us the option of removing it or a fine.
We had words.
I admit I was p.o'ed and angry
this guy as much as called me a liar when I told him I had spoke w/another city rep, had revised my calender, and when I showed him the much scribbled-over calender, again inferred I had just done said revision and then told me he was talking to my wife, and I should "get back in my house"!
He then put himself in extreme jeopardy by pulling the "big man gonna get in your face/space" by jumping out of his truck and GETTING IN MY FACE!
When I told him I was NOT intimidated, that he should immediately back-off, and that I .
would certainly make ANOTHER call to the city, he quickly took his seat back in the truck.
I know I bear a certain amount of responsibility for this confrontation, but I ask you, is this the standard of communication we should expect from the people who WORK FOR US !!!???
I do not lie when I say that he got physically in my face/space, and were I not 6' 2 @ 200lb.'s, this may have did not, just made me more angry and considering escalation........
I'm positive I'm not the only one faced with this kind of bad behavior, and would like to see this on your site, read if/ of others facing the same kind of attempted intimidation by city workers.
This is bad.
This is how ppl. get hurt.
how some go to jail.
Being as my wife witnessed this entire episode, I'm considering exactly what Lake Worth doesn't need - a law suit
Thanks for reading my rant,