Monday, March 16, 2009

Entries so far in "Lake Worth's Low Hanging Fruit Award!"

Names to be disclosed after all entries received - Deadline is midnight next Sunday March 22, 2009

Click here for one suggestion: A Really, Really Free Market


This suggestion from another reader:

OK this probably won’t fly because it will probably have a price tag of $600-$1000. I think that for many of us it would be wonderful to have a more bicycle friendly city. What we are really missing is safe parking. This is one of the few towns in Florida where there is a downtown to do chores rather than strip mall hell. Also many many bike people ride through for coffee and beverages downtown. We have a rack at Paws on the Ave and of course at Fat Cat but there are so many areas where you can not even find a tree to lock up to.. not to mention that the trees really don’t like it very much.

There are very beautiful creative single to triple bike racks that we could station around that would make it much easier to come down town car free for dining or shopping. OF course this will only make Lake Worth nicer for bike riders but.. maybe it would allow for more people coming with out a car and freeing up parking spaces for those who have no options.

Here are a few ideas. J I have seen them as low as 80 dollars a rack (not the pretty ones). I think it would be great to have them dotted about. There is no place to park by the surf shop or going to eat at Saitos for example. Soma center could use one of these in a big way. Also note that there is one that has a little space for people to drop an ad for their business, maybe we can sell that space and make some of the money back. I ride all the time but often times don’t stop because I cant lock my bike. I have had a few stolen so I like to lock my bike in fairly close proximity to where I am. I know we are short on sidewalk space but there are many that really take no space at all. A bike friendly city is a happy city!

bike hitch
3V Rack

Unique Style ad rack

ad rack
Ad Rack

Promote your message

bike hitch
Bike Hitch

Keep sidewalks clear

bike bike rack
Bike Bike Rack

Make a statement

campus rack
Broadway Rack

Secure bicycle rack

campus rack
Campus Rack

Orderly bike parking

custom racks
Custom Racks

Design your own rack

On-street bike parking

campus rack
Downtown Rack

Secure bike parking

campus rack
Event Rack

Stackable bike rack

flap rack
Excalibur Series

helix rack
Helix Rack

Park bikes in style

hi roller
Hi Roller

Superior bike support

hoop rack
Hoop Rack

Secure bike parking

hoop rack
Hoop Rack HD

Added bike security

mr racks
Mountain Rack

Parks bikes and skis

rolling rack
Recycle Racks

96% recycled material

rolling rack
Rolling Rack

Secure bike rack

Space Saver

Double bike capacity

swerve rack
I have already passed the bike rack idea along. We have talked about that a lot at the CRA Board meetings. Keep 'em coming!