Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blog Stats: Numbers of Views and Unique Visitors

Since starting with the tracking software late in February of this year, these two graphs represent use statistics related to this blog. The one above indicates individual page views per month. That means the actual number of individual entries that are looked at while logged into the Blog. The graph below corresponds to the number of individual "unique" visitors to the site over the same amount of time. Obviously, each visit usually involves multiple views of individual posts. This counts just the unique visitors - not their number of visits. Of the almost 350 unique visitors to the site, most return every one to three days. They are not counted more than once during the month regardless of how many times they visit here.

Also note the "spike" in March due to the election. We are rapidly reaching that same level of use again.

Please realize that I do not have access to individual I.P.s and have no way of identifying who is visiting the site, unless someone leaves a comment at the end of one the posts and identifies themselves. However, I can tell when someone does a Google Search and comes to this site by that means. For example, up to this time today, three people "Googled" Wes Blackman and found the site that way. Many other referrers come from people who do a search for Lake Worth, or any other topic covered here. But I have no way of telling who those people are.

As always, thank you for dropping by and for all of the positive input!