Monday, March 11, 2019

Finding good news in the bad: the City of Lake Worth has a new environmentally “Green” water cistern at our Beach!

Please note: Below are photos of the City’s very Green and environmentally-conscious water cistern at the Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex.

But first, briefly, a little background.

In 2010 the City administration back then asked for and received approvals for “Green” amenities to be included into the plans for the ‘new’ Casino building that replaced the former Casino structure which was 94% demolished.

However, right next door to the Casino were the pool, staff and bathroom facilities and the pump building — which all actually needed renovations but weren’t addressed — ergo the situation we find ourselves in now. That “white elephant” at the Beach, a large pool, really just a historic relic from days gone by is finally going to make way for modern-day amenities that the public will actually use.

Below is a YouTube video of an NBC5/WPTV news segment in October 2010. This demonstrates what happened after the City ran out of money to keep up with the high costs of maintaining a large pool at the Beach. During the Great Recession of 2007–2009 the corrosion from salt spray took its toll on the pump building, the maintenance lagged, and the rest is history.

The reign of what was called satirically called “The Best Commission Ever!”(or just ‘BCE!’ for short) ended for good in 2011.

However, there’s good news! Remember the water cistern?

One of the Green amenities that a former commissioner pushed for was a water cistern to collect rainwater; water for all the plants, palm trees and for maintenance as well (e.g., power-washing the Casino structure and surrounding areas).

Having a water cistern sends a message as well the City of Lake Worth is committed to being “Green” and helping to save the environment. But, sadly, that idea of a water cistern ended up being value-engineered, some call it “Greenwashed” out of the project, and a water collection system was eliminated.

So what’s the good news?

The former commissioner who wanted a water cistern back in 2010, Chris McVoy, PhD, now has what he wanted after all. That “white elephant” at the Beach we’ve been having to deal with ever since 2007 was finally shut down for good on February 7th, 2017.

A decade in the making!
The water collection system called a cistern
at the Lake Worth Beach.

Notice how Green it is!
Click on all images to enlarge:

Rainwater collection. Rainwater is cheaper and “Greener” than municipal-treated water.

Note the wide area for maximum rain collection
and sloping to the center of the cistern:

There are even gates, a fence, and perimeter
lighting for public safety.

Easy access for employees carrying hoses and pumps and with a railing too. An OSHA requirement.

During breaks there is seating available for the crew.

Another good idea: storage.

Area for collection of trip-and-fall hazards, for example, rubber ducks, deflated beach balls, and pelican “Waterfuls”. Shade is provided as well.