Sunday, March 10, 2019

Excerpt #5 from Mayor Pam Triolo’s 2019 State of the City address.

As stated earlier on this blog, heading into the elections on Tuesday, March 12th, am going to pivot from Election Day next week and focus more on after the municipal elections this year and what we can hope to achieve in the year 2019 and beyond.

For Excerpts 1–4 from the mayor’s State of the City see that list at the end of this blog post.

Moving on to Excerpt #5 from the State of the City address titled,

“We are a Community of Neighborhoods”

The mayor continues. . .

Another very important infrastructure effort is underway in the area west of I-95 known as the Park of Commerce. For more than two decades, attempts failed to optimize the Park of Commerce into a centrally located job and tax base generator. I can now report that it is happening.

For the first time in history, we are obtaining significant help from the Federal and State levels through coordinated efforts with the County’s Business Development Board. The City has leveraged dollars to improve the roads, utilities and drainage that will encourage investment and jobs here in Lake Worth.

As of today, there has been over 368,057 square feet of new construction built in the Park of Commerce with a market value of over $23 million that added $616,761 to our tax rolls this year alone. The Park of Commerce has the highest concentration of jobs, businesses and tax base in the City. Property tax generated there offsets the burden on your home’s residential tax.

Understanding this, in 2018, the City successfully lobbied for and received major allocations from the state totaling $5.5m. This money will continue the success of this area as part of our ongoing infrastructure investments. While the City has the Comprehensive Plan to provide a 20,000 foot view of Lake Worth’s future, there is the need to provide more detailed plans to address specific issues and potential problems.

Tomorrow’s Excerpt #6 will address two of the most exciting ideas of all, efforts on producing solar energy and the Ocean Current Energy project in partnership with Florida Atlantic University and the Southeastern Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC).

And once again as noted in Excerpt #1 from last Tuesday,

It was a packed house for the mayor’s State of the City. And in attendance was journalist Julius Whigham II from The Palm Beach Post.

Click on the scene of the throng in attendance:

Use this link for more information about the State of the City address and the news report published in The Palm Beach Post the evening of February 26th.

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Excerpt #4 focuses on the Neighborhood Road Bond Program the voters approved by a “whopping 69%” in Nov. 2016 and replacing the aged water pipes throughout the City as well.