Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Very timely question: Why didn’t City of Lake Worth Beach have a seat at the table to discuss proposed HRC2?

HRC2 is the proposed “Homeless Resource Center 2” on County-owned property along Lake Worth Rd. abutting the Village of Palm Springs and west of Lake Worth Beach (see map below).

A very important public meeting is on Thursday at 6:30. More details are below.

For some perspective, if HRC2 moves forward it would be located ≈ 1½ miles west of the County’s John Prince Park and the Villages of Lake Osborne community located in Lake Worth Beach.

As noted in the news report below — front page news last week in the Coastal/Greenacres Observer — the Village of Palm Springs and the cities of West Palm, Greenacres and Atlantis and the Town of Lake Clarke Shores were invited to meet with County staff and homeless experts but not Lake Worth Beach!

Was this City not invited to learn more about HRC2?

If you have questions and/or concerns about this make your voice heard, contact your elected officials prior to tomorrow night’s meeting to make sure this City is represented concerning HRC2. This public meeting is coming up tomorrow (March 14th) at 6:30.

[T]he area is always looked at for “these types of facilities” and never for economic development. “Don’t just look at us for homeless resource centers,” he [Torcivia] told the commission.

Quote. Palm Springs Village Attorney Glen Torcivia addressing the Palm Beach County Commission. Source: Former journalist Alexandra Seltzer at The Palm Beach Post, datelined Dec. 5th, 2018.

Learn more, the location for this public meeting is given in the news report in the Observer; two excerpts follow:

The public is invited to attend a courtesy presentation by Palm Beach County for a proposed Homeless Resource Center 2 (HRC2), proposed to be located on vacant property owned by Palm Beach County at 3680 Lake Worth Road.

and. . .

The presentation will take place on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 6:30 PM at the Mid-County Senior Center, 3680 Lake Worth Road, [suburban] Lake Worth. There will be time for questions and answers following the presentation.

A previous meeting, attended by representatives from Atlantis, Greenacres, Lake Clarke Shores, West Palm and Palm Springs met with County Staff members and Homeless “experts” Kat Hammer from the Phil Lewis Center and Sophia Eggleston, President of the Homeless Coalition and several others to discuss the location for the HEC2.

The proposed HRC2 is located at 3680 Lake Worth Rd. (note red boxes on left; west side of map).*

Click on map to enlarge:

The Villages of Lake Osborne community in Lake Worth Beach is located at 2430 Lake Worth Rd. (east of L-4 Canal; shaded light green). Also note Lake Osborne and John Prince Park in suburban (unincorporated PBC) located to the east of Palm Beach State College campus.

*Note that only the Village of Palm Springs, Lake Worth Beach and unincorporated PBC are indicated in the map above. The City of Greenacres is further west of the proposed HRC2, Atlantis to the south, Lake Clarke Shores and West Palm to the north.

For more reference and background on HRC2, in mid-December 2018 was this blog post titled, “Looking past the New Year, this is the calm before the storm.”