Wednesday, July 12, 2017

So. You want a brand new pool at the Lake Worth Beach? What (and whose) essential City services are you willing to sacrifice?

A quote from Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy at the City’s Budget Workshop held last night (July 11th):

“When this line [Hardy referencing Beach Fund graph] gets to zero in Fiscal Year 2018 that means we’re taking money out of the General Fund. As far as I understand, it’s not like we have a lot of money from the General Fund to spare.
     For me, the idea of taking any money out of the General Fund when we’re barely able to afford the services we’re providing for our residents right now, and when we need to fund additional services, and we’re unable to do that, the idea of taking money out of the General Fund to subsidize what’s happening at the Beach is repugnant to me on many levels.
     I don’t think that we should ever allow ourselves to get to that point, and if we do, we need to make hard decisions about what’s important and what’s not.”

Think this comment is hard-hitting? Just wait til tomorrow for another quote by Commissioner Omari Hardy from last night’s Budget Workshop.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely in favor of "moving" the pool to Bryant Park with slides, splash zone, ect. Every time a house gets sold it seems to be young families or empty nesters that have grandchildren visiting.

Do we need garbage picked up twice a week? With the newer black containers there is less trash dumped on streets due to lack of lids or overfilling. With Amazon and online commerce packages delivered we fill our green recycling can faster then the household trash and I find myself going to the containers behind Lilos to dump cardboard, a grab a quick pint at Brouges. ��