Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Worth another look. . .

“Does it have to be there?”

Title of editorial in The Lake Worth Herald.

The editor wrote, “Stop the bleeding.” And. . .

“Lake Worth needs a pool, but . . . also need some Staffers with some creativity.”
The editor at the Herald nails it. Yes. Our City does need a municipal pool. But we don’t need one at the Beach to teach children how to swim.

I waited a long time for this day. After 5+ months pounding away explaining why constructing another pool at our Beach is a bad idea, then comes along an editorial in The Lake Worth Herald. Here are some excerpts:

It has become evident over the last dozen or so years, Lake Worth can’t figure out how to make a pool pay for itself, or even come close, at the beach.
     Lake Worth needs a pool, not necessarily an Olympic pool, but at least one big enough to serve the community and teach children how to swim. There are plenty of opportunities for children to come into contact with water in Lake Worth. It is imperative they learn to swim.
     In years past, Lake Worth attracted swim teams from colleges to the area to train in the winter, defraying some of the expense of having a pool. Lake Worth has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair, paint and stripe the pool on the promise of attracting swim teams again. It isn’t going to happen, that ship has sailed.

and. . .

     Lake Worth does have some under-utilized parks with enough space to accommodate an aquatic center and should consider investing in a pool somewhere other than the beach. Bryant Park has space, but that would raise the ire of those who walk their dogs in the park. What is more important, dogs or children?
     What about Sunset Ridge Park, there might be enough space there too.
     Go to the north end of the city, there sits numerous baseball and softball fields, some of which are never or seldom used. Take PONY field for example, it is in shambles and occupies a large portion of the park area.

and. . .

     Stop the bleeding.
     Lake Worth needs a pool, but they also need some Staffers with some creativity. How many times do we have to fail at the same thing before we realize it is the taxpayers who suffer in other areas so we can keep failing?
     If staff won’t get creative, maybe the electeds should take take the wheel and not just take staff’s worn out ideas that have proven time and again to be extremely expensive to the taxpayer.

Also mentioned in the Herald editorial is the oft-mentioned term “White Elephant” vis-à-vis our municipal pool at the Beach:
Why is it so many who never used the pool suddenly want to “save the pool” now? And if a pool at the Beach is so important to some former electeds, then why did they shut it down in 2010?


Anonymous said...

Bryant Park Pool sounds good to me....

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, moving the pool to an area where MORE people can get to it easily, not have to pay to park there and enhance the area. Some have already belly-ached about putting in Bryant Park because "all the good things go to the rich people on the East side of town".

Someone else suggested we take a portion of the Golf Course so that it would enhance the amenities we already have there. We would not have to build a snack bar or some place for Mom and Dad to sit and wait for the kids.

The center of town between A Street and the RR tracks also is appealing for accessibility for our local population of young children.

The beach is very limiting for many reasons and could be put to MUCH better use of our most valuable asset.

Keep the pool...... just not at the beach.