Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Your LOCAL source for plants, trees and pottery too: Amelia’s SmartyPlants in this “Green” City of Lake Worth.

SmartyPlants is a true gem on N. Dixie Hwy. To take a virtual tour click on this link. Amelia’s SmartyPlants is open Tuesday–Friday from 9:00 a.m.–6:00, Saturday 8:30–5:30 and Sunday 10:00–5:00. Closed on Monday.

Who is SmartyPlants?

We are Paul Harding and Marta Edwards. We have created a 2-acre environmentally-conscious garden center and design service located in the heart of Lake Worth.
     Our address is 1515 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth — just south of West Palm Beach — we can be reached at 561-540-6296 or by email: info@ameliascapes.com

Learn more about SmartyPlants below and please Save The Date:

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 will be
the 14th Annual Festival of Trees.

This major event is hosted by the City’s Tree Board and held the third Saturday of each February in the Cultural Plaza in Downtown Lake Worth. And just so happens the Tree Board is having their monthly meeting this Thursday at 5:30 in City Hall.

This week the Chair of the Tree Board, Mr. Richard Stowe, and the staff liaison from the Parks Dept, Mr. Dave McGrew, will have an update on the progress of the 2019 Festival of Trees and a call for sponsors and volunteers to help out. So if you wish to become a volunteer please attend the Tree Board meeting on Thursday to learn more.

Here are images from previous festivals:

The Festival of Trees will open the 2019 Festival Season in this City. The following weekend will be the 25th annual Street Painting Festival.

Amelia’s SmartyPlants is always one of the most popular sponsors and exhibits.

Always a serious topic at the Festival of Trees in February. The annual Hurricane Season begins on June 1st. So plant and plan accordingly.

Now back to Amelia’s.

For those with an interest in plants and pottery, but not just another pot or a bucket with dirt, at Amelia’s SmartyPlants is a modernistic and cutting-edge idea. A product of “Old World” ingenuity and modern craftsmanship.

SmartyPlants has introduced the exciting product called “Fiberstone” from the Netherlands — the brainchild of two Dutch brothers  — a high-quality line of planters and pottery. About the company called Pottery Pots:

We believe in basic forms and shapes without thinking of it as boring. This no-nonsense way of thinking and designing is the Dutch identity and is widely known as ‘Dutch design’.

About the company called Pottery Pots:

Pottery Pots has become a global player in the manufacturing of pottery made from fiberstone. This material is a combination of fiberglass and stone powder which ensures a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. Fiberstone comes in natural colors with glossy or matte finishes. . . . [S]imple and elegant designs that are light weight and low maintenance as well as being a great alternative to glazed pottery.

Whilst on the topic of tree one of the most popular local trees is the Mango. So popular every year this City hosts the Lake Worth International Mango Festival.

More information from the professionals at Amelia’s:

Most mango trees will grow larger than 30′, but the Julie, the Juliette, and the Nam Doc Mai are considered dwarf of semi-dwarf varieties (10–15) that can be grown in a small yard or even in a container on a patio.

These are all delicious varieties that are sweet, juicy, and fiberless. Low nitrogen fertilizer is a good option for mango trees. Otherwise, too much growth is promoted on the tree itself thereby retarding the flowering and fruiting stages.

Now let’s take a short stroll down memory lane,
more information about trees and this City’s
all-volunteer Tree Board.

Do you remember when the City of Lake Worth, the City with a tree in its official logo, had an annual tree contest? It was a hugely popular and spirited challenge. Everyone got recognized except for those that wanted to feature a nasty tree like the invasive and dangerous Australian Pine which is now illegal in Florida to distribute without a permit.

Here is the news that appeared in the Post in 2005, thirteen years ago.

“Officials said they hope to make the
contest an annual event”.

“Lake Worth Tree Board winners”
by Post reporter Lady Hereford.

“Tall and short, flowering and spiky, majestic and just plain odd.”

“Anyone could nominate a tree, regardless of who owned the property . . . oddest tree category yielded two first-place winners: A strangler fig and a spiky Madagascar palm.”

Two-page spread, feature article in the Post,
August 10th, 2005.

Click on image to enlarge:

Would you like this contest to return? Have your voice heard: Consider attending the Tree Board meeting this Thursday at 5:30 in City Hall.

There is currently a vacancy on the Tree Board. Interested in becoming a volunteer board member? Then click on this link.

Back to the news published in the Post. . .

Other winners of the tree contest (by type) as reported thirteen years ago:

  • Most Beautiful Flowering Tree: Royal poinciana.
  • Most Useful Tree: Jaboticaba.
  • Best Native Tree: Slash pine.
  • Oddest Tree (tie): Madagascar palm and strangler fig.
  • Historic Tree, Most Majestic Tree, Most Sheltering Tree, and Biggest Tree: Banyan.

What’s your favorite tree? Ever heard of
the native green buttonwood tree?

Then show up at Amelia’s SmartyPlants this week and learn more about the buttonwood and many other trees, plants and vegetation that are available at their facility located on N. Dixie Hwy.

Amelia’s is on the west side of Dixie. The entrance is off 15th Ave. North.