Friday, November 16, 2018

Preparing for the upcoming municipal elections next year in Palm Beach County.

Many municipalities in Palm Beach County will be holding elections on March 12th, 2019, including the always-exciting City of Lake Worth. In this continuing series about municipal elections is information many candidates throughout this County will find very helpful.

Let’s proceed to Module #12, concluding Politics 101, before moving on to Politics 102.

Politics 101 ends with this lesson. Module #12: Losing an election.

Losing an election is heartbreaking. But there are a few simple rules one should follow.

The #1 Rule is, “Always call and congratulate your opponent”.

And using foul language is not advised. And telling the public that your supporters dropped you “[L]ike a bad habit” is also not a good idea.

For example, here is the concession message by Mr. Ryan Hartman in March 2016:

“By the end of the campaign, they [The Palm Beach Post] refused to even call me for interviews (in fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me). Two days before the election, the majority of my ‘team’ dropped me like a bad habit to focus on another challenger, and my friends in the radical community stepped it up big time, passing out over 4000 letters and waving signs at every polling place. . . . I am stronger now than ever before and I’m not going anywhere. Let’s get s◼◼◼ done!!!”

Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell defeated Mr. Hartman in a landslide.

And you can better understand now why Hartman wrote, “[M]y ‘team’ dropped me like a bad habit”:

Click on mailer to enlarge:

Whilst on the topic of law enforcement PBSO just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in the City of Lake Worth and before long it will be PBSO’s 3rd anniversary in the City of Greenacres as well.

Hope everyone considering a run for elected office found this information helpful from Module #12 in Politics 101.

And once again, the #1 Rule.

Always call and congratulate the winner:

In the March 2016 elections only one challenger, Mr. Frank McAlonan, called to congratulate Commissioner Andy Amoroso. No. Commissioner Scott Maxwell did not receive a congratulatory call from Mr. Hartman.