Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Politics 101—How NOT to write a concession following election loss (Hint: using foul words like “s--t” not recommended)

Its also good form to call and offer congratulations to the winner (note caption above). Scene from election night in Lake Worth following the results last March (Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Maxwell [left], and Commissioner Amoroso). Amoroso was the only one to get a congratulatory call.

Note: Please refer to the footnote section below which cite false and/or misleading statements.

From Facebook, how not to write a concession: “I may have lost the election* [the Anarchist Ryan Hartman conceded], but I consider the experience a huge win. I raised under $6000† and didnt use a penny of it to smear my opponent. Mr. Maxwell raised almost 60,000‡, (not counting the tens of thousands spent by PACS§) and used it to spread lies and hate about me being violent, celebrating police deaths, encouraging people to kill the police, and wanting to destroy this beautiful city. The media began the campaign by refusing to refer to me as anything but an Anarchist and Earth First!er, denying I had any substance and ignoring the fact that my opponent spends time with white supremacists§ (even though he admitted it to the PB Post§). By the end of the campaign, they refused to even call me for interviews (in fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me§). Two days before the election, the majority of my ‘team’ dropped me like a bad habit to focus on another challenger¶, and my friends in the radical community stepped it up big time, passing out over 4000 letters and waving signs at every polling place. Despite this uphill battle, almost 1,900 people were able to think for themselves and cast a vote for me. To all of you and to the volunteers who stuck with me: I am stronger now than ever before and I’m not going anywhere. Let’s get shit** done!!!

Footnote section:
*Not may. Hartman lost to Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell.
†False: Hartman raised $8,229 (per G3 treasurer report dated 3/14).
‡False: Maxwell raised $52,145 (per G3 treasurer report dated 3/14).
All the aforementioned claims by the Maxwell campaign were true; in fact, Hartman publicly apologized for hateful comments.
**Definition of the word s**t—1: usually vulgar: feces. 2: an act of defecation.
Hartman prior to becoming a candidate. He “got to talk about Anarchism to a jury!” And later. . .

Even some, like The Obtuse Blogger (TOB), couldnt contain their excitement. Until the election results came in.